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About Dibra

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The position of this district has played a significant role in the development of this area which was once again positive and negative in different historical periods and under the influence of social and economic factors that have left their mark on it. Positive role it has had while serving as a bridge between the regions of our country from the inside parendimi Albanian territories. Since antiquity functioned Durres - Tirana Field - Debar, linking the coast with other eastern regions. The role of this position plainly socio-economic development, as in 1911 Dibra was an important center of crafts, trade, construction, etc.. For this data clearly show that this population was about 11,000 inhabitants. But the role of this position fade with setting arbitrary limits in 1913, which remain outside the large shopping centers (Dibra) and urban per session. After 1913 this area has continued to play this role but with a lesser intensity. So when in the years 1945-1990 it was discontinued completely linkages and became a penguas and insulating factors to. After 1990 this area regains its role binding but with a lesser intensity. Building get highway projects that will be passed through the old path and its relation to arteries with a Kukes district will restore a geographical importance of this position directly after the disk together with the resources contained and would turn this around in a mall of a cross-border Euroregion prompting positions become development factor.


The district is part of Portland as the North-eastern region with a mountain pergjthesisht hilly landscape. So lies in north-east Albania in both sides of the valley Black Drin being limited by the mountain range Korab east and west by mountain ranges of lures. District center is the city of Peshkopi which is also the 3rd city after him to Sruges and Dibra Great in Macedonia. Center of the circle (Peshkopi) extending 185 km from the capital and 21 km distance from the point of customs that Bllata we Maqellare This circle is placed in these coordinates Geographic: 41 º 53 '20 ", and 41 º 33' 40" latitude north and 20 ° 34 '50' and 20 º 07 '00 "east longitude. Konvcionale limited by borders in the east by the Republic of Kosovo and the Macedonian border with a length of 90 km of which 19 km are riverine. In the north district of Kukes limited to 75 km border line. We Mirdita 13 km west of the border line with Mat district and 60 km border line. Bulqiza south of the border line 27.8 km This build has a complicated geological construction that is occasionally caught by hoisting neotectonic movements that played a role in the formation of rrelievit. Dibra directly after the disk has a mountainous landscape ranging from 350 m (Black Drin trough) to the tip of Korab 2751. Ben participated in mountainous Mediterranean climate area and mountainous Mediterranean before although he is part of the Black Drin basin. Has a rich hydrograph and resources on the ground under the ground where the main branch is the Black Drin. Dibra is distinguished for its variety of land which, due to the mountainous rrelievit explicitly stated. Find alluvial soil belt around the Black Drin River, the kafejta, the brown forest and mountain pasture. We encounter this plant generations as oaks generation, wonderful beech forests and alpine pastures. This build has a population of 75,000 inhabitants located on 1,088 km mainly in the rural settlements rare.

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