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Responsible Tourism

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Friday, July 18, 2014 - 21:15


National Tourism Agency has united forces together with the Central Tax Directorate on creating a Task Force  proceeding for a correct and not abusive summer tourist season. Action initiated along the coast of Vlora on checking and controling  hotels and tourist resorts, watching closely the quality of services, fiscal probity and basic standards. This awareness campaign is  helping either vacationers also local businesses. Hotels that perform high quality services and correctness are labeled with respective certificate issued by NTA and DPTT sticked on the main entrance. Currently we are working on the outskirts of Himara to complete on the days coming with the most southern coastline of Saranda and Ksamil.

Below you will find the official list of hotels already certifiedet for their quality services. On the days coming the list will be up to date with more businesses.


1.     Hotel Bologna

2.     Hotel Vlora Internacional

3.     Hotel Alpin

4.     Hotel Grabova

5.     Hotel Ambasador

6.     Hotel New Jork

7.     Hotel Nimfa

8.     Hotel Koral

9.     Hotel Ramosaco

10.  Hotel Grand

11.  Hotel Argoli

12.  Hotel Pavarsia

13.  Hotel Partner

14.  Hotel Monte Carlo

15.  Hotel Bojko

16.  Hotel Aliko

17.  Hotel Paradise

18.  Hotel Royal

19.  Hotel Regina

20.  Hotel Sofo

21.  Hotel Parku Kombëtarë i Llogarasë

22.  Hotel  Splendor

23.  Hotel Folie Marine

24.  Hotel Primavera

25.  Hotel Lungomare

26.  Hotel Helia

27.  Hotel Alba Gert

28.  Hotel Drymades Inn

29.  Hotel Royal Blue Resort & Spa 

30.  Hotel Rapo

31.  Hotel Drymades Ville

32. Hotel Butrin

33. Hotel Grand

34. Hotel Agim&C

35.  Hotel Delfini

36.  Hotel Villa Duraku

37.  Hotel Brilant

38. Hotel Demi

39.  Hotel Jaroal

40.  Hotel Sejko

41.  Hotel Internacional Sarande

42. Hotel Nertili

43. Hotel Iliria

44.  Hotel Tirana

45. Hotel Villa Vista Mare

46.    Hotel Kent

47. Hotel Oasis

48.  Hotel New Heaven

49.  Hotel Rezident President

50.  Hotel Mediterrane

51.  Hotel J&B

52.  Hotel Kaonian

53. Hotel Havana

54.  Hotel Stora

55.  Hotel Livia

56.  Hotel Mario

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