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09/27/2014 - 11:00 to 17:00
Dear friends, for many years the 27ᵀᴴ September is marked as the World Tourism Day and for this year it will be celebrated under the theme "Tourism and Community Development". With a particular focus on...
09/27/2014 - 09:15 to 17:15
National Tourism Agency together with the Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism celebrated the International Tourism Day in the village of Gjinar in Elbasan, few kilometers from Tirana. The aim of this event...
08/28/2014 - 09:00 to 08/31/2014 - 09:00
In the context of promoting a new kind of tourism in Albania, the National Tourism Agency (NTA) and the Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism, wish to inform you that we are organizing a group of 30 foreign...
08/09/2014 - 20:00
Korça Beer Fest™ is the biggest event in Albania. Within 5 days, over 100.000 people visit the festival. The large number of visitors is mostly due to basic festival principles: free entrance, an...
07/20/2014 - 21:00
Government policy for a national tourism with standards, high quality and appropriate information remain the primary philosophy of the National Tourism Agency (NTA). Wasting no time and leaving no corner of the...
07/11/2014 - 09:30 to 22:30
The Albanian National Tourism Agency and INCA arranged a fam-tour in Sazan Island and Karaburun Peninsula in Vlore, with 30 Albanian journalists, for informing the public opinion about the beauties and studies that...
07/06/2014 - 12:00 to 15:00
The Albanian National Tourism Agency organized a working lunch in Fishte (Lezhe) with the ambassadors of the Republic Of Albania, with a focus on the re-branding of Albania image.
07/02/2014 - 11:30
A number of citizens from Shkodra of different ages and occupations undertook a sailing trip in River Buna and Lake Shkodra.  This tradition was stooped since the year 1944. This massive sailing tripstarted...
06/30/2014 - 13:15
The beaches on the southern coast of Albania. The neighboring country expects 3 million tourists this year.  On the outskirts of the archaeological site of Butrint, a few kilometers from Saranda, a group of...
06/27/2014 - 21:00 to 08/14/2014 - 21:00
The Albanian National Tourism Agency is supporting "Summer Fest 2014", a summer show which takes place for the third year on a raw. Summer Fest is a project of the Foundation "Dritan Hoxha...


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