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Archaeological Museum Housed in two charming and well-preserved Ottoman-era buildings around a cobblestone courtyard that are worth to visit, the town's archaeology museum holds 1,200 Hellenic, Roman and Post-Byzantine objects from...
National Museum of Medieval Art National Museum of Medieval Art is a museum in Korçë, Albania. It was established on April 24, 1980. The museum has over 7,000 art and cultural items, mainly icons and less stone, wooden, metal and textile works...
Museum of Independence National Museum of Independence in Vlora constitutes a complex with authentic values for local and foreign visitors. There are seven wards and two halls in which are preserved and exhibited very valuable items...
Historic Museum and the Marubi Atelier of Photography The art of photography in Albania begins about the middle of the 19-th century, with a first studio opened in 1858 by Pjeter Marubi in Shkodra-at that time one of the most important cities of Albania. Pjeter Marubi...
The Ethnographic Museum of Kruja The Ethnographic Museum of Kruja is one of the most visited museums in the country. It is housed inside the walls of Kruja Castle and is known as one of the most organized museums of Albania. It opened in 1989 in...
The Historic Museum of Mat The Historic Museum of Mat opened in 1983 CE in the town of Burrel.The museum provides a description of the historical records of the area. A particularly interesting display is a layout of powder production,...
The Peqini Castle In Elbasan you may also visit the Ethnographic Museum of Elbasan, the Peqini Castle (15th century CE). The church of Good Friday in Valesh (Kisha e Shen e Premtes) is found in the village of Valesh in the region...
The Ethnographic Museum of Berat The Ethnographic Museum of Berat is inside a traditional house, which dates back to the end of 18th century CE. The house of the Xhokaxhi family is composed of two floors, using stone as the construction material...
The Ethnographic Museum of Dibra The Ethnographic Museum of Dibra. It is located in “Elez Isufi” boulevard in the town of Peshkopia. The objects of this museum are housed in a traditional building with typical architecture.There are round 2.000...


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