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Albanian Currency
The Albanian monetary unit is called Lekë. It is issued in denominations of 5000, 2000,1000, 500, 200 (paper) and 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 (coins). In 1990, the Albanian Economic Expert institutionalized new coinage, including a new manner to value the money. Now, money is quoted in two values: new and old. When you buy something, do not be surprised if you hear "new money."  One hundred new lekë is equal to one thousand old lekë. In official documents in the field of economy, also in the media, people are obligated to use new lekë values. Meanwhile, in the markets and shops, it is discussed and performed the exchange of goods in both new and old lekë. 
Pay attention if you do not want to be confused with the values that are being used, old or new. Albanian citizens are used to this system, but as a tourist, you should check the figures you see in the banknote and make sure to ask to buy with new lekë in order not to get confused with the real values of the products that you are interested in buying. You can also buy with euro or dollars. There are cases where different traders can also accept other currencies. This can happen especially in cases when someone is interested in buying domestic products.
Currency exchange can be done at banks or exchange agencies where it is written "Exchange". In some hotels, restaurants and shops you can also make payments through credit cards like Visa, Master Card, etc
Shopping centers and outdoor markets
City park shopping centre
Cityparkin Albania is the largest Shopping mall in the Balkans. In about 180 shops you will find the best brands in clothing, accessories, perfumes and everything related to cooking and home. While walking through the friendly atmosphere in Citypark, you will feel the certainty that is this huge city you will find everything you are looking for. You just have to discover the area you belong to.
QTU (Qendra Tregetare Univers)
A modern shopping mall, about 6 km from Tirana on the highway Tirana-Durrës.
The mall has 75 shops and 3 restaurants and bars. It offers a free shuttle bus from the center of Tirana.
TEG (Tirana east Gate)
The new shopping center in Albania, opened in 2011, offers over 150 stores and services space, as well as a wide range of opportunities for fun. Located 4 km from the city center, TEG has become an important destination of the citizens of Tirana purchases.
Casa Italia
A shopping mall on the outskirts of the city offering several shops including the Italian electronics super mall Trony, the Ikea style Danish superstore Jysk and the Italian supermarket Conad.
ETC (European Trade Center)
 A shopping mall in the center of the city with several boutiques and coffees worth a visit.
Twin Tower
A smaller shopping complex in the main boulevard offering mainly café and service outlets.
Str. "MyslymShyri” 
Famous road for shopping in Tirana lined up with shops and boutiques on both sides.
Tregu i madh i Camëve
It is found almost in the center of Tirana. Close to central Post Office of Tirana. Place to bargain hunt clothes, personal items or home decorations and utensils.

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