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Go your own way! A unique approach to tourism as suggested by well known International Media In recent months, Albania has been in the international media attention as a new and to-be-discovered tourist destination, offering not only sand and sea but also the new trends of the tourism industry, such as...
NTA brings elite world tourism in Albania Travel agencies and prestigious media of the tourism sector visited for the first time our country, among them National Geographic, Yahoo Travel and many others. In the context of promoting adventure tourism in...
Pope Francis to Albania: Full schedule (Vatican Radio) The Holy See has announced the schedule for Pope Francis’ Apostolic Voyage to Albania, set for 21 September 2014. It will be the second visit of a Pope to Albania, after Pope St John Paul II’s visit...
Pope Francis will visit Tirana in 21 of September 2014 In 21 of September, Pope Francis is going to pay a visit in our country. He said “he feels happy to accept the invitation of bishops and Albanian authorities. By this occasion the “Mother Theresa“ square in Tirana...
Responsible Tourism   National Tourism Agency has united forces together with the Central Tax Directorate on creating a Task Force  proceeding for a correct and not abusive summer tourist season. Action initiated along the coast of...
WTM London 2014 Private businesses who will take part in the International Fair WTM London 2014: 1.      Attractive Travel 2.      Happy Tours 3.      Fiori Travel & Tours 4.      Alba Travel and Tours 5.      Sondor Travel 6...
Statistics of tourism The arrivals of foreign citizens in Albania, in the first quarter 2014, increased by 26.6 % compared with the same period of the previous year, while the departures of Albanian citizens increased by 11.2 % for the...
Sons of the eagle, a story published today in the Journal "Süddeutsche Zeitung" Sons of the eagle, a story published today in the Journal "Süddeutsche Zeitung" from the journalist Jochen Temsch about "Peaks of the Balkans": a new path through the mountains with wild beauty of Kosovo,...
Tourism, taxes will certify prices in hotels and restaurants The control has begun in tourist areas of the country, Hotels and Restaurants will have to publish their price list. This list will be certified by the General Directorate of Taxation and the Albanian National...
Bicycle patrols in tourist areas The tourism high season is approaching and the influx of vacationers and traffic is growing, so Police have stepped up patrols in these areas; approximately 100 bicycle patrols. The bikes have the inscription “...


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