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Sons of the eagle, a story published today in the Journal "Süddeutsche Zeitung" Sons of the eagle, a story published today in the Journal "Süddeutsche Zeitung" from the journalist Jochen Temsch about "Peaks of the Balkans": a new path through the mountains with wild beauty of Kosovo,...
Tourism, taxes will certify prices in hotels and restaurants The control has begun in tourist areas of the country, Hotels and Restaurants will have to publish their price list. This list will be certified by the General Directorate of Taxation and the Albanian National...
Bicycle patrols in tourist areas The tourism high season is approaching and the influx of vacationers and traffic is growing, so Police have stepped up patrols in these areas; approximately 100 bicycle patrols. The bikes have the inscription “...
A wonderful writing for Albanian tourism The first were the Swiss. They started to go on holiday in Albania since 2005. Then, were six thousand. In 2013, 40 thousand. Not a few. But the record come form the Italians. For different summers they chose the...
Motivating Potential of the Albania’s South Coast There are two things I am doing this for. One, it is in order to maintain the legacy of my childhood home. And two, I will benefit economically,” says Nikollori. The small grants which helped Nikollori to...
Voskopoja (Korçë) old Printing House Voskopoja was established in the year 1338 by Petro Muzaka , a grand duke of Muzakaj family. Only during the XVII- XVIII centuries it became a big urban center with 20.000 inhabitants. In that time Voskopoja...
A lively weekend in Saranda Important sport activities and cultural life enlivened the coastal city of Saranda last weekend. The City Hall hosted the inauguration ceremony of swimming complex in the city, named "Esat Mamica".The restoration...
Albania Wins EU Candidate Status The European Union has granted Albania candidate status for membership, but said the country still needs to implement more reforms and tackle organised crime and corruption. The decision to grant Albania candidate...
Albanian South coastline on the focus of European campers Six polish tourists arrived with theirs campers in the Gjipe Beach, in coast of Dhermi (Vlore). They are going to spend three days in this wonderful natural place. Other tourists from Switzerland and Germany have...
Why Albania is recommended for tourists? The Albanian coast, the nature of the country in general and local cultural heritage continues to attract media attention and foreign operators, like TGCOM, the Italian group Mediaset; the British "Express"; “NY...


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