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Vlora Beach

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In the southern part of Vlora’s bay is Orikumi, where a harbor for yachts was recently built. Orikum’s beach is about 2 km long. In this area are the Pana and Rrapi sea caves. This area is of great interest for divers because of the archeological remains and sunken ships. One of these is the Italian ship “PO,” sunken in 1941 during World War II. It is also said that Julius Caesar sank the ships of Pompeii’s troops here. The area of Uji i Ftohtë ( Cold Water) is convenient for observing different algae while diving and in the area of Zhiron, black and green algae can be found. In the west, Vlora’s bay is closed by the peninsula of Karaburun, the largest peninsula in Albania, about 16 km long and 4.5 km wide. The west coast of Karaburun is amazing, with high, scrappy coasts, small bays, and beaches, making it one of the most attractive points of the Albanian coast for passionate divers. In the north of the peninsula is the Cave of Haxhi Ali, the largest cave in the country: 30 meters deep, 18 meters high, and 12 meters wide. These dimensions allow for the entrance of boats. The cave’s name comes from a sailor from Ulqin, who sailed in these waters during the 17th century. There are many small beaches such as Arusha Bay, Grama, and Dafina beaches that are recognized for their depth, high quality waters, and isolated positions, which protect them from noise. Near Grama’s beach is the Cave of Slaves, named such as it is believed that slaves worked in  this cave during antiquity. There is ancient graffiti on the walls of Grama’s beach and it is thought that the Temple of Dioskure was located here.
Near the peninsula of Karaburun is the island of Sazani, the largest island in Albania. It is about 19 km from Vlora’s harbor and has an area of 5.7 km ; it is 4.5 km long and 2 km wide at the largest spots. In antiquity, the island was called Sason. The island presents a sharp, rocky coastline especially along the western part of the island. In the southeast area of the island is the Admiral beach, which is known for its very clean waters. Sazani has become known as a diving location and together with Karaburun, they make for a wonderful and unique diving experience. After the saddle of Llogara lie Jon’s beaches, the beaches of the Albanian Riviera, which make for one of the most beautiful regions in Albania.


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