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The Residence Zenaja of Zekatëve

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The Residence of Zenaja of Zekatëve” has been through two phases of housing. The first phase was during 1811 - 1812 CE, and the second phase was around the beginning of the 20th century CE. The residence of Zekatëve was constantly utilized for habitation until the 1990s CE, but today it is unutilized. “Zapanaja,” a secondary construction inside the space of the first yard, is inhabited today. The residence of Zekatëve is a typical representative of Gjirokastra homes, while at the same time it is unique amongst Gjikokastra residences. It is representative of Albanian homes during the 18th - 19th centuries CE. The residence of Zekatëve has three yards. In the yard to the west is the building of “Zapanaja”, an auxiliary construction and a grass depot. 
One residence is a variant marked by two cantilevers. Due to the rocky, slanting land, the house wides, and where the eastern cantilever has three stories, the western cantilever has four. In its design, the building is separated into three complexes, the central, courier and two laterals with equal operation.
The ground floor and the first of the eastern cantilever are uninhabited. The stair climb in the central part, while in the eastern cantilever is the “katoi.” In the western part is the main area for the accumulation of rain water with the harvesting of water by the courier spaces that dominated under the “divan”. Above that is a cellar or “zahiresë,” the only space for storing food products. The mezzanine formed two areas, where the family would spend the winter. The top floor is most notable because it widens at the mezzanine with two alcoves for cooking, one for each floor. Also, in the central part, a pervious garret with a kiosk was added. In the western cantilever, a guest room was built, while on the left side are two habitable alcoves. In the central part, the design appears dynamic, lavished by decorations almost void in the upstairs, with full lighting and amenities. Inside, with lavish furnishings and architecture, the guest room shows prominence with a special ceiling inside an arch. The two ceilings are visually decorated with furnishings, rosettes, borders, partly painted floral figures, decorative chimneys, tapestries and more.
In the district of Gjorkastra you may visit as well the churches of Leusa (close to Permet) , of Kosina , the Tekke of Frasheri in the area of Permet, the Tekke of Turan in the area of Tepelene  etc. 

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