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The tourism promotion and development in cross-border areas As part of the tourism promotion and development in cross-border areas, the Municipality of Ioannina invited on the 6-7 December 2014, the Director General of the National Tourism Agency (NTA) Ms.Julinda DHAME to attend a meeting and discuss possibilities of cooperation between the two parties....
The World Tourism Fair held in Paris On the World Tourism Fair held in Paris on 26-28 September 2014, Albania was presented in front of the french tourist for the first time, presenting Puka, with its specific landscape of mountain-water nature and fresh traditional and natural food, that Puka as a region has to offer.
Puka was...
Conference of Ambassadors of the Western Balkans Conference of Ambassadors of the Western Balkans, an initiative of the Austrian Ambassador in Berlin, was held in Stuttgart, Germany on October 16, 2014. This year, Albania was represented by the National Tourism Agency (NTA) headed by its General Director, Ms.Julinda Dhame. During this activity Ms...
Promoting the real and colorful Albania From September 30-October 5, 2014 Albania and Kosovo is visited from The Bishopsgate Ward Club (BWC) of London. Its members are traveling around these two countries on behalf of promoting national heritage and tourism. Around 50 members of BWC were welcomed during a warm reception at the Tirana...
Regional Economic Conference of the Western Balkans In Budva, Montenegro on the 24ᵀᴴ to 25ᵀᴴ September, was held the "Regional Economic Conference of the Western Balkans". In this activity, which was a special place devoted to tourism, Albania was represented by the National Tourism Agency (NTA) general director, Julinda Dhame. 
In her discussion...
Pope Francis in Albania NTA as part of official agenda on welcoming Pope Francis has been working for the last two months in a exelent and friendly way. At the international press centre builded up inside the palace of Congresses in Tirana, NTA was representing not only domestic tourism but even the hospitality and the...
NTA presents a full set of published brochures for the visit of Pope Francis in Albania. The National Tourism Agency (NTA), presents a full set of published brochures for the visit of Pope Francis in Albania. Albanian Iconography, Albanian Cultural Attractions, Travel & Discover, Tirana leaflet, Tirana Map and Info and Tourist Map will provide the necessary general information for...
Go your own way! A unique approach to tourism as suggested by well known International Media In recent months, Albania has been in the international media attention as a new and to-be-discovered tourist destination, offering not only sand and sea but also the new trends of the tourism industry, such as adventure tourism. These developments have found space in numerous articles from news...
NTA brings elite world tourism in Albania Travel agencies and prestigious media of the tourism sector visited for the first time our country, among them National Geographic, Yahoo Travel and many others.
In the context of promoting adventure tourism in Albania, the National Tourism Agency (NTA), organized the arrival of a group of 30...
Pope Francis to Albania: Full schedule (Vatican Radio) The Holy See has announced the schedule for Pope Francis’ Apostolic Voyage to Albania, set for 21 September 2014. It will be the second visit of a Pope to Albania, after Pope St John Paul II’s visit to the country in 1993.
Pope Francis trip will begin with a welcoming ceremony at...


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