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Gheg & Tosk is the pinnacle of Albanian traditional experience. With an

authentic restaurant, bar, unmatched service, superior hotel amenities, an

exclusive collection of Albanian artifacts, and a stunning hillside panoramic

view, Gheg & Tosk has no equal. Located in the city of...
Name: Gjon Dukgilaj Our guesthouse offers some characteristic activities of the region such as theater performances, traditional music, humor, bejte day, and festival of olive oil.These activities will be pleasant and unforgettable experiences during your stay in our guesthouse.We also offer traditional food of the...
Hostel Mi Casa es Tu Casa We have reconstructed an old house in the center of Shkodra by using objects from grand grandparents and parents making it a very comfortable and cozy and at the same time semi traditional.
Natyral Razma Resort
Natyral Razma Resort is located on a mountain top in the Albanian Alps, about 40 km north of the town of Shkodër. At an elevation of 1000m, the hotel's picturesque setting includes a view of surrounding higher peaks. The resort allows guests to enjoy the unique cultural and historical heritage of...
Hotel Turizem Puka
Located close to the lake, ski grounds, and surrounded by greenery, Hotel Turizem Puka is the ideal place to enjoy your summer and winter vacation. During your stay at our hotel you have the opportunity to enjoy diverse cuisine and meals prepared especially for you. Our bar with indoor/outdoor...
Hotel Tradita Geg & Toske Tradita Geg & Tosk aims to provide visitors with a truly traditional Albanian experience. With an authentic restaurant, bar, attentive service, welcoming hotel amenities, and an exclusive collection of Albanian artifacts, visiting Gheg & Tosk is not to be missed. The restaurant takes pride...
Hotel Kaduku
Hotel Kaduku is situated in the center of Shkodra, the biggest city in North Albania. From the hotel, the guest can see the main square and the statue of 5 Heroes, the theatre of littoriano style and the green park Rozafa. In the main square it is a frenetic life of this great city, while it does...

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