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Cycling & Mountain Biking

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Cycling and Mountain Biking For all cycling lovers, Albania is becoming a very good destination to experience natural beauties and unique panoramic views . That exist many type of tours like the Tour of the Albanian Riviera , Unesco Sites , Albanian Alps or just touring around Tirana or other big cities and exloring the nature around. Albania is included in the project of Balkans trail Transdinarica .Also for the Mountain bike lovers The equipment for these sports should be taken with you, as they cannot be rented. Some of the tours are organized in the Albanian Alps, such as Theth, Bogë, Vermosh etc. Another bicycle tour is one which crosses the shores of Lake Shkodër or Tirana sorroundings.

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Important Information about the Covid-19 situation in Albania

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The Protocol of anti-COVID 19 Measures during the Summer Season

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COVID-19 Announcements and Measures taken by the Diplomatic Represantations

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Measures and Rules - COVID-19
Coronavirus Update

In order to contact the family doctor, or for any other information about Covid19, the Ministry of Health has provided the green line ‪0800 40 40‬ to the citizens.

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