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Visa regime for foreign visitors in the Republic of Albania

The visa regime for foreigners is determined based on Law, 79/2021, “on foreigners”, and DCM no. 858, dated 29.12.2021 on “on the determination of criteria, procedures and documentation for the entry, stay and treatment of foreigners in the Republic of Albania”.

Enter Albania without a visa: * foreigners who have a valid Schengen visa, with many passes, which has been previously used in one of the countries of the Schengen area, or who have a valid residence permit in one of the countries of the Schengen area;

* Foreigners who have a valid US or UK multiple-pass visa which has been previously used in one of these countries, or have valid residence permits in the US or UK.

* Foreign citizens entering and staying in the Schengen area States without a visa * foreigners who are provided with a 10-year residence permit, issued by the UAE authorities, valid not less than one year from the moment of entry * citizens from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Thailand may travel without a visa for the period 20 April 2023 to 31 December 2023 with the passport document visa of Type “C”, is the visa, which entitles its holder to enter and stay in the Republic of Albania for up to 90 days within 180 days, starting from the first entry. The “C ” visa can be issued with one, two or multiple entries. The validity period cannot exceed 5 years.

Type “D ” visa is a visa that is issued to foreign citizens who seek to stay in the Republic of Albania for more than 90 days for 180 days and when, to obtain a residence permit for these citizens, a visa is required.

For the type of documentation and online visa application, please click on the link : the visa regime for Albanian citizens the necessary documentation for obtaining foreign visas the documentation that the Albanian citizen must provide for obtaining a visa is different in view of the foreign legislation and the purpose of the trip. As a rule, citizens must have a travel passport with sufficient validity, complete the application form, submit an invitation or guarantee from the host in the foreign country, as well as travel/health insurance for medical emergencies and repatriation.

The websites of the ministries of foreign countries or their embassies are usually provided with the necessary information.

The information provided in the attached table is only instructive, according to the latest data available to MEFA. Before travelling, citizens should contact the nearest representative of the country intended to be informed about the conditions of entry and exit to this country. MEFA is not responsible for changes or inaccuracies in the information provided.

For countries where citizens do not need a short-term visa (see in the table column “Short-Term Visa”), the information “representation where applicable” is provided for cases if they will need to apply for a residence visa (visa similar to the Type D visa). Related table with countries: visa regime for Albanian citizens: what should citizens consider before traveling?

Citizens should be reassured whether there is political unrest, natural disasters, disease and epidemics or whether it is necessary to be vaccinated. It is recommended to know in advance, as much as necessary, about the traditions, customs, customs of the countries to which they will go.

Before travel, citizens must carry with them the addresses of diplomatic missions and consular posts of the Republic of Albania, covering the countries where they will travel: Egypt-for Albanian citizens who wish to travel to Egypt, please find attached the instruction for carrying medicines for personal use, also the allowed amount of medicines, cosmetic products, veterinary products, as well as the table with medicines or prohibited products.

Israel-foreign nationals traveling to Israel through Ben Gurio Airport are provided with an entry visa at the entrance to the airport, which they must always carry with them during their stay in Israel until leaving the country, as it serves as proof of legal residence and can be requested while visiting Israel.

The decision to enter the state of Israel rests solely with the security and migration structures at Ben Gurion Airport.

If you have been denied entry into Israel and have received a return order, you should contact the Israeli Embassy in Albania to find out if you can travel back to Israel.

Qatar-for Albanian citizens who wish to travel to the state of Qatar. We inform you that carrying and entering with tobacco products as follows, in this country there will be legal consequences: Cheazipping tobacco (chewing tobacco), electric cigarettes, bottle and generic of all tobacco products, Cheazing tobacco of all forms or brands, automatic equipment for the sale of cigarettes, advertising, promotion or sponsorship of tobacco or its derivatives HAJNAN province-for Albanian citizens wishing to travel to Hajnan province in the people’s Republic of China. From May 1, 2018 you can travel without a visa for a short-term stay.

The Islamic Republic of Iran – for citizens wishing to travel to the Islamic Republic of Iran*- it is recommended to avoid travel for any kind of motive.

Free movement in the countries of the Schengen Area countries in which Albanian citizens do not need a visa and that apply the rules of the Schengen area are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Deadlines and motives for staying without a visa, Albanian citizens can stay in the above countries for 90 days within a 6-month period. The counting of the days of stay begins at the moment of the first entry. From the date of the first entry, the 6-month period is calculated during which, citizens can not exceed the 90-day stay. For short entries and exits, the term of stay is the amount of days for each trip.

If during a 6-month period the citizens do not stay for a full 90 days, the remaining days do not pass, in addition to the allowed stay in the following 6-month period.

Non-compliance with the 90-day stay for 6 months constitutes a violation of the legislation of the Schengen countries. Citizens who break this deadline are penalized with fines or with a ban on entry to the entire Schengen area.

For the calculation of the time of stay in the countries of the Schengen area, click on the link: the only motive for staying without a visa in the Schengen area is a short-term stay for tourism purposes, work contacts, business, cultural

activities and family visits. Citizens do not have the right to use the stay without a visa for the purposes of employment, health treatment or education.

To stay within the 90-day deadline for 6 months, citizens are required to apply for a residence visa (type D visa). Obtaining a D visa guarantees the receipt of a residence permit for long-term stay.

The necessary documentation the primary requirement is the presentation of a valid biometric passport. In accordance with the motive of travel, the citizen is obliged to justify with supporting documents, if required, the motive of the trip and his ability to financially afford the trip. Foreign border authorities have the right to refuse entry to a citizen who is unable to justify the motive for the trip.

Entry into the Schengen area is denied to persons who have previously been convicted by one of the countries of the Schengen area for non-compliance with the residence legislation.

If a national has been banned from entering the Schengen area, he / she must personally request information from the country that has made his / her detention to the diplomatic or consular representations of that country.

Regarding the measure of ban on entry, expulsion or departure from the countries of the Schengen Area, foreign nationals, we inform you as follows: AUSTRIA request for information regarding the measure of ban on entry into the Schengen Area/EU is addressed to the Federal Crime Office (Bundeskriminalamt), by the person affected by this measure, via the form (link below), and passport photocopy: the Federal Ministry of the Interior Federal Criminal Police Office, Sirene Austria Josef Holaubek Platz 1 a-1090 Vienna Republic of Austria email: Germany request for information and for deletion of reservations for citizens who are expelled or forcibly removed from the Federal Republic of Germany, shall be addressed to the office responsible for registration in the system, by the affected person himself, through a request in German language and the completed form at the following address: Bundesverpoinaltungsamt-Ausl ,nderzentralregister – Postfach 680169, D-50728 K.- GERMANY phone: 81049-1888-358-1351 or 358-3351 fax:81049-1888-358-2831 German form (attached) Spain Albanian citizens can obtain information on the end of the term of the ban on entry to Spain or on the migratory situation in relation to Spain in general, by presenting themselves in person at the Embassy of Spain in Tirana.

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