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Hiking and Trekking   From its spiky peaks in the north to the idyllic beaches in the south, Albania is a treasure trove for people who are keen on exploring diverse areas by foot. The landscapes, dotted with lush natural parks and historical villages, have remained intact in centuries, withstanding time. Leading to the development of a comprehensive infrastructure, hiking and trekking have gained popularity in Albanian territories. Hiking maps and the signposting of tracks are becoming more common, and supra-regional and transnational mountain trails are emerging exponentially. Despite this growth, it's important to note that hiking in Albania is still a developing aspect of tourism. For those new to hiking, we recommend reaching out to an experienced mountain guide or participating in one of the organized tours available throughout the country. The historic Via Egnatia, connecting the harbor city of Durres with Istanbul, or the Caesar path leading into Llogara National Park, are ancient routes that are perfect for walking tours or trekking in Albania.

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