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An unbroken coastline of 450 km (including lagoons) washes the western shores of Albania, extending along the Adriatic and Ionian Sea. It is easy to tell where the Adriatic ends and where the Ionian begins given the sandy shores and jaded waters of the former, and the rocky beaches and green-blue seas of the Ionian.

The sandy and shallow Albanian beaches of the Adriatic make them a natural choice for family holidays.

Those who wish to explore the Adriatic coast have their pick among the well-known beaches of Velipoja, Shëngjin, Durrës, Golem, Spille, Divjakë, and Vlorë, among others. In addition to beaches, visitors who are passionate birdwatchers, or interested in eco-tourism, can explore the Adriatic coast’s rich lagoons and other natural ecosystems.

Located a mere 22 km away from the famous city of Shkodër, Albania, Velipoja beach is the country’s northernmost beach.

The area sees about 250 sunny days a year, and beginning mid-May temperatures normally rise above 20°C.

The beach is favored by northern Albanians, its 4 km of high-quality sand making it particularly suitable for families with children.

On the south of Velipoja coast lies Shëngjin beach, another sandy shore situated a fifteen-minute car ride from the historic town of Lezha. With its fine sand and some 200-300 sunny days per year, Shëngjin beach is another local favorite. North of Shëngjin, sheltered from the winds of the area by a crown of hills, visitors can discover the splendid beach of Rana e Hedhun (Powdered Sand).

With its white sands and turquoise waters, Lalëzi Bay is an enchanting area full of attractive beaches, dotted with strips of pine trees. Lalëzi stretches between the Cape of Bishti i Pallës and the Cape of Rodon. This latter is a 7.5 km long natural masterpiece that is especially attractive to divers.

The country’s biggest and most frequented beach is in Durrës, only 39 km away from the capital of Albania,Tirana.

Several flights to Albania connect it to European cities, while cheap flights have been established recently by some low-cost companies.

Air Albania, the country’s flag carrier, offers connections with at least 10 destinations from 2019. It’s very easy to rent a car at Albania’s main airport of Tirana or in the city. You can use a credit card or any of the main currencies (USD, EUR, GBP), or opt to exchange your cash to LEK, Albania’s currency. Car rental services may include drivers and tour guides for those who wish to travel Albania more relaxed.

The beach is 6 km long and features a significant wide strip of sand.

Durrës beach is characterized by shallow shores, whose sea depth increases very gradually. This makes it very safe for families travelling with kids. Durrës boasts several beaches, with three being most well-known:

At Currila beach, located in northern Durrës, Albania, the sea is deeper. The beach itself is protected from the warm wind blowing from the land.

South of Durrës, visitors can choose between the popular beaches of Golem and Mali i Robit, whose sands and water are typical of beaches around the Durrës area.

The southern city of Vlorë is home to Albania’s second largest harbor, after Durrës. The city of “sea and sun” is one of the most exciting tourist areas of the country, its beaches having recently been revamped with modern hotels, bars, cafés, restaurants, and nightclubs. The beach area begins directly south of the city, along the small and rocky shores of the Bay of Vlorë, Albania. Further down, you will find the harbor of Orikum sporting a recently built yacht harbor.

Restaurants along the coastline will help make your time in Albania memorable. They offer vast choices of cuisines, including excellent Albanian recipes.

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