Himara - Albania

The Mediterranean soul of the Ionian Coast

As one embarks on a journey along the resplendent Albanian Riviera, the captivating and rugged southern Albanian coastline comes into view, adorned with charming villages that collectively house approximately 28,000 inhabitants. Among the delightful options available to visitors are the enchanting tourist destinations of Palasa, Dhermi, Ilias, Vunoi, Himara, Pilur, Anvil, Qeparo, Borshi, Piqeras, Sasaj, Lukova, Coraj, Kuci, Kallarat, Bolena, and Vranisht. Situated within the Vlora District, the province of Himara occupies the southwestern corner of Albania ,stretching along the Ionian Sea’s picturesque shores. It is hemmed in to the northeast by the imposing Cika and Karaburun Mountains, which are part of the Akrokeraune mountain range. Himara, with its captivating panorama and Mediterranean climate, is rightfully considered one of the most esteemed coastal tourist destinations in Albania.

The Old City of Himara and its commanding hilltop castle stand as testament to the rich historical legacy of Albania. These ancient structures date back to Illyrian times and are revered as vital historical landmarks in this region. The old town of Himara is ingeniously laid out around the ancient castle and the Spilea coastal area, which serves as both a tourist hub and an economic center for the region.

Himara has a promenade along the seashore lined with numerous Mediterranean-style taverns, creating a perfect atmosphere for leisurely strolls and dining with a view. To the north of Himara, curious explorers will encounter the rocky hamlets of Vuno, Ilias, Dhermi, and Palasa. Dhermi holds a special place in the hearts of both foreign and domestic tourists due to its increasing number of exquisite resorts, bars, and restaurants that grace its shores.

History enthusiasts will find ample opportunities to delve into the past by visiting the various churches nestled within Himara Castle, some of which trace their origins to antiquity. Notable among them is the Church of the Virgin Mary or Episcopal Church, constructed on the site of an ancient temple dedicated to the god Apollo. Additionally, the easily accessible Church of All Saints, situated at the castle’s entrance, is another prominent religious site that graces the Himara coastline.

Some of our suggestions to visit:

1. The Porto Palermo Castle

2. Palasa Beach

3. Llaman Beach

4. Qeparo Beach

5. The Pirate’s Cave

6. Grama Bay

7. The Monastery of Panaia

8. The Sopot Castle in Borsh

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